Thursday, 13th February Australasian Extracellular Vesicles Conference 2020

8:00AM - 5:00PM
Thursday, 13th February
Kingston Room
9:45AM - 10:30AM
Thursday, 13th February
Kingston Room
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12:00PM - 1:30PM
Thursday, 13th February
Kingston Room
12:00PM - 1:45PM
Thursday, 13th February
Hobson Room


EXPERT: Marilyn Anderson

TOPIC: Entrepreneurship in research – Risk vs Reward

Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but very few decide to risk it all and try to make that dream come true. Why? Because being an entrepreneur is always synonym with taking risks! It’s not just about having the right idea. Starting a business means being ready to cope with all kinds of hassles - both financial and mental – and being ready to sacrifice. But the reward can be awesome! Our Expert Marilyn Anderson is here to share with us her experience as a successful entrepreneur.




EXPERT: Dave Carter

TOPIC: Commercialisation of Research

In translational research, the extracellular vesicles field is experiencing an exponential growth. Every year more and more researchers try to commercialize EV-related diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic products, and having a basing understanding of the commercial side of a research product is an everyday more useful side skill. Our speaker Dave Carter will make some clarity on the hidden aspects of commercialising your research.



EXPERT: Merilyn Hibma

TOPIC: Finding Funding

In an ever more competitive research community, obtaining research funding is not an easy job. More often than not, just having a great idea is not enough: you have to sell it! At this table, our expert Merilyn Hibma will share some strategies, tips, and tricks on how to give your great idea the best chance of getting the funding it deserves.



EXPERT: Andrew Hill

TOPIC: How to tell your story

For researchers, presenting research findings in public forums is as important as publishing in journals. It can boost the exposure of your work and promote the dissemination of your research. Whether presenting to a general audience, or an expert panel, crafting a compelling narrative is critical to effectively communicating your ideas, thoughts, and findings. So how do you give a great presentation?

Andrew Hill regularly receives invitations to speak both nationally and internationally. So he is definitely an expert story teller who has some great tips up his sleeve!



EXPERT: Bruce Lyons

TOPIC: Atypical Career Paths

Not every career, especially in the academic world, follows a straightforward path. Even in the most carefully planned career, something unexpected may occur to change the plans. Change can be scary, especially if it affects the development of an academic career, but having an atypical background means also approaching to research with an uncommon point of view, and this can be an extra gear in academia. Our expert Bruce Lyons will share with us the advantages of developing an atypical career path.



EXPERT: Laura Vella

TOPIC: Transition in the career of a researcher – How to jump to the next level

Pursuing an academic career is, probably, one of the most difficult paths to success that could be chosen. Being a researcher is tough and extremely competitive, and only the best succeed. Every successful researcher has had, in their career, “that moment” of transition to “the next level”, where things get really serious.  Our expert Laura Vella is here to give her advice on how to boost your career and get ready for the big jump!



EXPERT: David Greening

TOPIC: Networking at Conferences

In research, attending conferences is the best way to be up-to-date with the innovations of any specific field. However, most senior researchers would agree that there is an even more important aspect of attending conferences – networking. A precious opportunity to establish new professional networks and collaborations among scientists worldwide. David Greening has some tips and advice for any occasion, and he will discuss how he goes about meeting people at conferences and networking events.

3:15PM - 3:45PM
Thursday, 13th February
Kingston Room
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4:45PM - 5:30PM
Thursday, 13th February
Hobson Room
7:00PM - 10:00PM
Thursday, 13th February
Rooftop Terrace