Poster Presentation Australasian Extracellular Vesicles Conference 2020

EXO-NET™, A Novel Rapid Scalable Exosome Isolation Technology (#58)

Peter French 1 , Emily Stein 1
  1. Sienna Cancer Diagnostics, Scoresby, VIC, Australia

The EXO-NET™ technology consists of a novel, covalently linked multilayered three-dimensional matrix (referred to as a Molecular NET) comprising a range of exosome-specific antibodies, along with linkers and spacers. Placement and spacing of the antibodies, linker molecules and spacer molecules confers a characteristic topology on the Molecular NET surface, a characteristic density within each layer, and a characteristic porosity. The porosity is a result of the choice, and method of incorporation, of the component molecules. The pores allow for the size exclusion functions of the EXO-NETs and the antibodies provide affinity binding.

The unique 3-dimensional matrix is applied to magnetic beads, allowing for fast, accurate and highly specific and efficient capture and isolation of exosomes from any liquid biopsy sample. The technology is highly scalable and is compatible with existing automated testing systems making it ideal for high volume clinical laboratory applications.

The EXO-NET™ matrix has the following features that make it a unique universal technology to facilitate the development of a range of liquid biopsy applications:

  • Customizable for use with any sample: serum, plasma, whole blood, saliva, urine
  • Rapid: Time to capture exosomes for downstream analysis is < 30 mins
  • Combines two separation technologies: size exclusion and affinity binding for improved yield
  • Highly specific to the target: Low non-specific binding and enhanced signal-to-noise
  • Demonstrated sensitivity: Up to 1000x improved detection sensitivity over competitors
  • Adaptable to most existing detection technologies – including PCR, ELISA, mass spectrometry, Flow cytometry, Luminex
  • Scalable – can be applied to mass screening strategies